Download the Multifamily Financials Analyzer

The T12 and Rent Roll are the financial DNA of a multifamily property. Contained within the data is a ton of information on the financial performance of the property. Investors should assimilate and understand this data before investing their hard earned capital into the property. 

However, formatting and analyzing T12s and Rent Rolls is an arduous task: with different formats and non-standard naming conventions for line items, it can be an error prone and clumsy process. For the individual or smaller investor, access to commercial software for performing the analysis may be financially infeasible. While there are excellent tools available for underwriting properties, we have yet to find one generally available for analyzing T12s and Rent Rolls which is a critical step ahead of underwriting.

To help alleviate this issue and to give back to investor community that has given so much to us, we are providing the Multifamily Financials Analyzer (MFFinancialsAnalyzer) free for download. It is a sophisticated tool that we have developed to provide a simple to use framework within Excel to map non-standard T12s and Rent Rolls in to standardized formats and associated analytics. We use the tool to analyze these financial statements. Note that this is NOT an underwriting tool as there are a number of excellent multifamily underwriting tools available in the market; it is a precursor tool to underwriting and allows for a better understanding of the current financial state of a property based on the data contained within its T12 and Rent Roll.

To download the software, we only ask that you sign-up to our list below which we will then use to update you on any new releases of the software and, occasionally, send you updates on our business . Once you enter the information, you will receive a confirmation email which, once you validate, will direct you to the download link for the software. 

Alright, we do ask for one more thing: if you find the tool useful, we respectfully ask for you to consider donating to a charity we support: Angel’s Orphanage in Bangalore, India. However, you are under no obligation to do so – please use the tool whether or not you donate! Once you fill out the information below, you will be sent a confirmation email and you will be re-directed to the download page once you confirm receipt of the email. As we make any changes to the tool, you will be kept updated. Please scroll past the form below to view usage instructions for the analyzer.

Usage Instructions

Usage instructions can be found within the spreadsheet. We have also created a couple of videos that walk through the usage of the MFFAnalyzer. The analyzer can handle input data in common Excel or CSV formats. If you have a T12 or Rent Roll in PDF format, we highly recommend Tabula, a shareware PDF -> CSV table extractor. 

Part I: Analyzing T12s and Rent Rolls in standard formats – the standard format requires one line per line item for the T12 with the first column in each line being the line item descriptor and one line per unit for the rent roll:

Part II: Pre-processing T12s and Rent Rolls in non-standard format from within the analyzer: